March Madness 2020

Welcome – even you, Duke fans!*

Welcome to everyone who has been following my crazy experiment on Twitter to simulate the 2020 NCAA men’s basketball tournament, lost to the COVID-19 pandemic. The image below shows the Selection Sunday bracket (click for a larger version), and you can read the full bracket as a list at the bottom of the page.

I’ll be simulating the games, one at a time, and announcing the results on Twitter at @fixthemadness. The first game starts at 7 PM on Tuesday (March 17th). Happy madness! And stay safe, everybody, COVID-19 is a serious threat.

*Kidding, I have nothing against Duke

The 2020 NCAA Men’s Basketball Simulated Tournament

The First Four in Dayton:
East #16: Jackson St. vs Robert Morris
West #16: UNC Central vs Princeton
East #11: Iowa vs St. Louis
East #12: USC vs Mississippi State

Games in Cleveland:
(1) Dayton vs (16) Jackson St/Robert Morris
(8) Illinois vs (9) Richmond
Games in Greensboro:
(5) Seton Hall vs (12) USC/Mississippi State
(4) Maryland vs (13) Bradley
Games in Albany:
(6) Texas Tech vs (11) Iowa/St. Louis
(3) West Virginia vs (14) Toledo
Games in Tampa:
(7) East Tennessee State vs (10) Wichita State
(2) Louisville vs (15) Winthrop

Games in Omaha:
(1) Kansas vs (16) Boston University
(8) Michigan vs (9) Auburn
Games in Sacramento:
(5) Ohio State vs (12) Louisiana Tech
(4) Arizona vs (13) Belmont
Games in Greensboro:
(6) Kentucky vs (11) Colorado
(3) Florida State vs (14) Hofstra
Games in St. Louis:
(7) Houston vs (10) Arkansas
(2) Creighton vs (15) Northern Kentucky

Games in Spokane:
(1) Gonzaga vs (16) UNC Central/Princeton
(8) UCLA vs (9) Providence
Games in Spokane:
(5) Wisconsin vs (12) Liberty
(4) Oregon vs (13) New Mexico State
Games in Albany:
(6) Butler vs (11) Florida
(3) Baylor vs (14) North Dakota State
Games in Sacramento:
(7) St. Mary’s of California vs (10) Penn State
(2) San Diego State vs (15) UC Irvine

Games in Omaha:
(1) Duke vs (16) Portland State
(8) Marquette vs (9) Virginia
Games in Tampa:
(5) LSU vs (12) Stephen F Austin
(4) Villanova vs (13) Vermont
Games in Cleveland:
(6) Cincinnati vs (11) Rutgers
(3) BYU vs (14) Siena
Games in St. Louis:
(7) Utah State vs (10) Notre Dame
(2) Michigan State vs (15) South Alabama

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