The cat so cute, it domesticated 15,000 humans

UPDATE: Mayor Killer passed away on May 21, 2020 at the age of 14. His loyal subjects have created a memorial fund with Baltimore Area Rescue & Care Add a comment to say it’s for Killer.

Meet the neighborhood of Hampden in Baltimore, Maryland. Population 15,000. A former community for immigrants working at the nearby sailcloth factories. Today, it is a hip center for urban living that has stayed true to its vibrant working-class roots.

Now meet “Killer,” the unofficial mayor the neighborhood:

Killer (an orange cat), the unofficial mayor of Hampden, relaxes on the steps leading up to a rowhouse
The Mayor holds an audience with citizens

Killer spends nights inside with a specific human, but spends his days wandering the streets, getting food and water from whichever humans set it out, and generally not caring what you think.

I don’t live in Hampden, but I live nearby in the city of Baltimore. I’ve met Killer, and he is every bit as cute as his Instagram account suggests:

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