Daily COVID-19 data update I

Every day, the World Health Organization (WHO) publishes a daily update of the number of cases of COVID-19 worldwide, and the number of deaths.

And starting today, every day I’ll be posting a graph of the data. We’ll be able to see, in real time, as the disease spreads and kills. I won’t try to interpret these graphs right now – I want to learn a little more about how to understand what they mean. I’m presenting them entirely for your information.

Here is the number of cases by country (excluding China), each day for the last month (February 17 – March 17). The inset graph shows all cases in 2020 and includes China.

This is terrifying. Stay safe, everybody.

Here is a link to my Excel template for making that figure, if you would like to play with the data yourself. And please do – I’d love to see what you come up with!

Update tomorrow, and every day until WHO declares the pandemic over.

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