Imaginary Basketball Imaginary Tournament Imaginary Day 1 results

Here’s the bracket of my simulated NCAA men’s basketball tournament after the first day of first-round games, along with today’s schedule. As always, all games reported in real time at my Twitter feed, @fixthemadness.

Schedule for Friday, March 19

Noon ET: (3) Florida State vs. (14) Hofstra (Midwest Regional from Greensboro, North Carolina)
12:30 PM ET: (6) Cincinnati vs. (11) Rutgers (South Regional from Cleveland, Ohio)
1:20 PM ET: (1) Duke vs. (16) Portland State (South Regional from Omaha, Nebraska)
1:50 PM ET: (2) San Diego State vs. (15) UC Irvine (West Regional from Sacramento, California)
2:30 PM ET: (4) Maryland vs. (13) Bradley (East, Greensboro)
3:00 PM ET: (8) Illinois vs. (9) Richmond (East, Cleveland)
3:50 PM ET: (8) Michigan vs. (9) Auburn (Midwest, Omaha)
4:20 PM ET: (5) Ohio State vs. (12) Louisiana Tech (Midwest, Sacramento)
6:45 PM ET: (6) Kentucky vs. (11) Colorado (Midwest, Greensboro)
7:00 PM ET: (3) BYU vs. (14) Siena (South, Cleveland)
7:15 PM ET: (8) Marquette vs. (9) Virginia (South, Omaha)
7:15 PM ET: (7) St. Mary’s (California) vs. (10) Penn State (West, Sacramento)
9:15 PM ET: (5) Seton Hall vs. (12) USC (East, Greensboro)
9:30 PM ET: (1) Dayton vs. (16) Robert Morris (East, Cleveland)
9:45 PM ET: (1) Kansas vs. (16) Boston University (Midwest, Omaha)
9:55 PM ET: (4) Arizona vs. (13) Belmont (Midwest, Sacramento)

Is this finally your team’s year? Find out at my Twitter feed @fixthemadness!

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