Daily COVID-19 data update XXI

Graphs day 21, pandemic day 27, day 98 since the first cases were diagnosed. More than 1.3 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with COVID-19, and nearly 75,000 have died. Our usual graphs are below. The rate of new cases and deaths continues to increase roughly linearly. A linear increase results in way fewer sick and dead people than an exponential increase.

What would be even better than linearly increasing? No longer increasing at all. And we’ll get there – if we keep doing everything we are doing. Keep your distance, wash your hands, and follow the advice of medical and public health professionals.

You can get the data yourself from the European Centers for Disease Control’s Coronavirus Source Data; choose “all four metrics.” You are welcome to use my Excel template to make your own graphs.

Update tomorrow, and every day after that until this pandemic is over.

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