Daily COVID-19 data update XXV

Graphs day 25, pandemic day 31, day 102 since the first cases were diagnosed. We’ve hit another sad milestone in today’s dataset – more than 100,000 deaths worldwide due to COVID-19.

Here is our usual graph of the number of cases per million people in various countries, with the line thickness representing the case fatality rate in that country. The first graph shows the number of cases in each country by calendar day, the second shows by the number of days after the case rate reached 1 per 1,000,000 (thus putting all countries on the same timescale).

The United States has firmly passed France in terms of cases per capita, and Belgium is very close to passing Italy.

The same countries by days since the case rate reached 1 in 1,000,000:

It continues to amaze me how closely the history of cases in the U.S. follows the history in Italy.

By popular request, this graph shows the number of deaths in each country. Belgium worries me.

And when looking at deaths by days elapsed (same scale as in the case graph above), it’s amazing how closely the U.S. tracks with Switzerland.

You can get the data yourself from the European Centers for Disease Control’s Coronavirus Source Data; choose “all four metrics.” You are welcome to use my Excel template to make your own graphs.

Update tomorrow, and every day after that until this pandemic is over.

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