Daily COVID-19 data update LXXXVII

Graphs day 87, pandemic day 92, day 163 since the first cases were diagnosed.

Total cases of COVID-19 diagnosed worldwide: 7,481,063

Total deaths: 421,190

What’s more fun than COVID-19? Well, just about everything, but I was thinking specifically of March Madness, the championship tournament of college basketball in the United States. And if you think March Madness is fun, you will love the NCAA Cup, a championship tournament that I just made up.

Everybody qualifies, all matchups are random, and winners advance. Read about it in the post I wrote earlier today, see the scores in real time at my Twitter feed (@fixthemadness), and read the full results on my NCAA Cup page (in progress).

However, as not-fun as it is, the COVID-19 show goes on, and as long as there is still an officially-designated global pandemic, I’ll keep making these maps and graphs. Here’s the plot of daily cases worldwide:

Cases per million people by country

Here is a map of today’s cumulative cases per million people (since the beginning of the epidemic):

COVID-19 continues to be under control in the places where it was previously under control, so I’ll only show the graphs from countries where it is headed in the right direction or getting worse.

Countries headed in the right direction

I was worried about the U.S., Russia, and Belarus, but it looks like cases there have decreased slightly.

Countries getting worse

Chile is getting so much worse that I had to rescale the graph, increasing the vertical axis to 300 cases per million people per day. And I have still have no idea what’s going on with Sweden.

Deaths per million people by country

Here’s the map of deaths per million people, focused on Europe and the Americas:

and the curves of cumulative deaths over time in our usual ten countries:

Want to try out some of these graphs for yourself? You can get the data that I used to make these graphs from the European Centers for Disease Control’s Coronavirus Source Data; choose “all four metrics.” You’re still welcome to use my Excel template – I added a section for making the deaths graph to what is now verison 4.1, so that is the only one you need.

Update tomorrow, and every day after that until this pandemic comes to an end.

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