Still Going (Daily COVID-19 data update CCCXXIII)

Graphs day 323, pandemic day 330, day 401 since the first cases were diagnosed.

Total cases of COVID-19 diagnosed worldwide: 103,412,282

Total deaths: 2,232,405

Just a very quick update today while I look into some other trends in more detail. Usual graph formats, click for a larger version of each.

Countries that have consistently gotten it right

Countries where COVID-19 was stayed mostly contained throughout the pandemic

Countries where COVID-19 is currently under control(-ish)

Countries where COVID-19 was bad but are now sort of under-control-ish

Countries moving in the right direction(-ish)

Regions where cases are still high but are currently stable

Countries where the pandemic is still awful

Regions where the epidemic is still raging

Fortunately, even in these countries, cases are beginning to decrease; although in the meantime, Spain has moved ahead of the U.S. into first place on this graph in terms of cases per day.


Sadly, Corona Data Scraper has stopped reporting data in the way I was using it, so I have gone back to using the data from the JHU Coronavirus Resource Center. You can download the data from their GitHub repository. You are welcome to use my Excel spreadsheet (version 9.2).

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