Five Years of Inherently Not Sexy Sexy

In yesterday’s post, I introduced you to the joy of the annual Best Sexy [Thing That Is Inherently Not Sexy] Halloween Costume Contest. This is the first year that I have offered the contest on my blog, but it’s actually the fifth year overall. Here are the Sexy Winners from the previous contests:

2015: Sexy Killer Whale

Black-and-white costume with a tail hanging from the back and a hoodie that looks like a killer whale head
(suggested by Jeremy Berg)

What could be sexier than a six-ton aquatic killing machine?

2016: Sexy Scrabble

A short white dress decorated like a Scrabble board (with colored ties), and thigh fringe with letters
(suggested by Kelly Simms)

This barely even counts as a specific costume concept – it’s not an animal, vegetable, or mineral – it’s more of an abstract concept. On the bright side, it confirms the old adage that Smart is the New Sexy, the Old Sexy, and the Eternal Sexy.

2017: Sexy Green Poo (?!?!?!)

Green poo-shaped costume from too many Sexy Black Whoppers
(suggested by Aimee Shoff)

This is one of those pop culture moment “I guess you had to be there” costumes. One of the hottest-selling Halloween-themed items of 2017 was Burger King’s Black Whopper. In spite of the name, it turned your black whoppers a disgusting shade of green. There are very few things less sexy than feces (unless you’re into that, not judging).

2018: Sexy Marcel Duchamp Art Gallery Urinal

A very short dress decorated to look like a urinal - ceci n'est pas une Halloween costume
(suggested by Christina Rawls)

At first, I thought this was just a Sexy Urinal, which is certainly an object that is Inherently Not Sexy. But it’s so much more – it’s actually a tribute to the work of art Fountain by Belgian surrealist Marcel Duchamp, which is housed in the prestigious Tate Modern Museum in London. To paraphrase another of Duchamp’s famous works, ceci n’est pas une Halloween Costume.

These are the exciting winners from last year. I’ve already gotten several suggestions for this year’s contest, and oh boy, are some of them great.

Coming Monday: a review of some entries in this year’s Best Sexy [Thing That Is Inherently Not Sexy] Halloween Costume Contest!

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