Your costume suggestions, part 2 of many

I asked for suggestions, and you delivered: TWENTY-EIGHT nominations for this year’s Best Sexy [Thing That Is Inherently Not Sexy] Halloween Costume Contest! I will present a few each day, leading up to the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE WINNER on Halloween Night!

Sexy College Admissions Scandal Mom

A woman in an orange jumpsuit with "Mom of the year" crossed out and "INMATE" written
Suggested by Jason Ice

Another “Ripped From The Headlines” Halloween costume, making fun of the parents arrested in the recent college admissions bribery scandal. With this costume and a generous donation, you too can be admitted to the college of your choice. Major in SEXY!

Sexy Shark

A woman in a tight-fitting silver dress with a shark mouth on her head
Suggested by Tammy Albee

Sexy shark, doo doo, doo de doo…

Stupid Sexy Flanders

A woman in a tight ski uniform with a plastic head of Ned Flanders from the Simpsons
Suggested by David Dudich

Have you ever met someone who wouldn’t shut up about The Simpsons? Here is the scene they would be referencing here. Now you can be them, except SEXY!

Sexy Ball Pit (for dudes)

A man with no shirt and a plastic ball pit on his waist, full of plastic balls
Suggested by Sharon Kalter and Robyn Stegman

In our age of equality, dudes can get it on the sexy costume action also. This one is a sexy ball pit, made slightly disappointing by the fact that there really aren’t that many balls. Would you want to bounce around there?

So there you have it – four more costumes that certainly count as Sexy [Thing That Is Inherently Not Sexy]!

And a review of yesterday’s entries:
Sexy Dinosaur
Sexy Condom (for dudes)
Sexy Ph.D.
Sexy Mr. Rogers

Stay tuned for more tomorrow!

(Daily disclaimer: My intent is not to shame anyone’s choice of Halloween costumes. Wear whatever you want, and look great doing it. My intent is to shame society for trying to convince us that ball pits are sexy, and for failing to provide any normal, non-sexy shark costumes for women.)

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