Your costume suggestions, part 4: “lol I see what you did there” edition

Part four of our THIRTY-THREE (so far!) nominations for this year’s exciting Best Sexy [Thing That Is Inherently Not Sexy] Halloween Costume Contest! I will present a few each day, leading up to the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE WINNER on Halloween Night! Who will join previous winners? You decide!

Today’s post is the first of a few costume posts organized into themes. Today’s theme: the costumes that make you say “lol #iseewhatyoudidthere”!

“Saucy” Taco Bell Sauce

A woman in a tight green dress labeled "verde salsa"
Suggested by Andy Brown

Free advertising for Taco Bell! The costume comes in several different “flavors,” but verde salsa was the most surprising. Although I seriously considered going with Diablo.

Popeye’s “Spicy” Chicken Sandwich

A woman in a skintight brown dress with a painted chicken sandwich on it
Suggested by Kelly Simms and Sarah Boye

More free advertising for fast-food chains, but more topical, considering the popularity of Popeye’s spicy chicken sandwich – so popular that it led to actual fistfights. If you’re lucky, maybe people will fight over you?

Caution: spicy chicken can make you thirsty.

Sexy “Tater Thot”

A woman in a skintight dress with painted tater tots, labeled "tater thot"
Suggested by Robyn Stegman

Continuing with the food theme, but this time with the pun meter Up To Eleven.

So here’s what I’ve always wondered. “Thot” Is actually an acronym, for That Ho Over There. So why not save two letters and just call her a ho?

Sexy One Nighstand

A woman with a cardboard cutout of a chest of drawers with a lampshade on her head
Suggested by Thad Comer

It’s a nightstand! But there’s just one! It’s one nightstand! A one nightstand. It’s a ONE NIGHT STAND! lol #iseewhatyoudidthere

Sexy Deer in the Headlights (for couples!)

A couple costume - he in a plaid shirt with a deer head, she in a costume with a yellow line and headlights on her breasts
Suggested by Anna Kresmer

A joint costume, designed for a heterosexual couple – but of course available to anyone who fits. Note the placement of the headlights.

Sexy “Ghost”

A woman in a short white dress with unanswered text messages on it
Suggested by Robyn Stegman

What’s scarier than a ghost? GHOSTING! You know he read your text, so WHY HASN’T HE RESPONDED?

Sexy Starbucks Coffee

A woman in a beige dress with a belt with the Starbucks logo
Suggested by Tammy Albee

Not a direct pun, but a great opportunity for one. At the end of the night, you can write someone’s name on the belt, and then they can complete the pickup. This costume gives new meaning to the question, “for here or to go?”

So there you have it – seven more nominees for costumes for a Sexy [Thing That Is Inherently Not Sexy] Halloween!

And a review of the previous fifteen entries, so you can compare and eventually vote for this year’s winner:
Sexy Dinosaur
Sexy Condom (for dudes)
Sexy Ph.D.
Sexy Mr. Rogers
Sexy College Admissions Bribery Scandal Mom
Sexy Shark (doot doot, doo de doo)
Stupid Sexy Flanders
Sexy Ball Pit (for dudes)
Sexy Microsoft Clippy
Sexy Vintage Airplane
Sexy Skunk
Sexy Chucky
Sexy Generic Ouija Board
Sexy Loofah
Sexy Piñata

Stay tuned for even more tomorrow!

(Daily disclaimer: My intent is not to shame anyone’s choice of Halloween costumes. Wear whatever you want, and look great doing it. My intent is to shame society for trying to convince us that tater tots are sexy (they’re not), and more importantly, for failing to provide any normal, pop-culture-referencing costumes for women.)

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