Meanwhile in Australia (Daily COVID-19 data update CXV)

Graphs day 115, pandemic day 122, day 192 since the first cases were diagnosed. Happy Independence Day to the Bahamas, but there are very few cases in the Bahamas.

Total cases of COVID-19 diagnosed worldwide (another sad milestone): 12,268,518

Total deaths: 554,924

Quick global update to tell you that, sadly, the case rate in Australia has reached half of its former peak value, so I’m moving Australia into the getting worse category. They are the grey line below.

Australia (gray line) is getting worse. Click for a larger view.

Coming up tomorrow: what if Florida were a country?

Want to try out some of these graphs for yourself? You can get the data that I used to make the country graphs from Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) COVID-19 data site. Click on csse_covid_19_data, then on csse_covid_19_time_series, then download all the CSV files. Or clone the whole repository from GitHub.

You are welcome and encouraged to use my Excel templates. I’ve tinkered enough that I’m plus-plusing the version to 5.1. I have two separate templates: a global data template and a U.S. state data template.

Update tomorrow, and every day after that until this pandemic comes to an end or I lose my mind.

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