15 million cases (Daily COVID-19 data update CXXVIII)

Graphs day 128, pandemic day 135, day 205 since the first cases were diagnosed. Earth has hit another milestone today.

Total cases of COVID-19 diagnosed worldwide: 15,227,535

Total deaths: 623,385

Data for U.S. metro areas coming next week. Today, another update on regions around the world, including Florida.

Regions where COVID-19 was quickly contained

Regions where COVID-19 was quickly contained

Everywhere that COVID-19 has been contained, it is still contained. Even Hubei.

Regions where COVID-19 is currently under control(-ish)

Regions where COVID-19 is currently under control

Cases continue to tick up in Spain, frighteningly.

Regions moving in the right direction(-ish)

Regions where cases are decreasing

This graph is getting quite busy, I might reconsider which countries to include. Sweden is actually looking really good at the moment. On the other hand, Peru looks like it’s well on the way to a second wave of cases.

Regions where the epidemic is getting worse

Regions where things are getting worse

It’s still a bit hard to tell what’s going on with Florida. Unfortunately, because of the 3-5 day period in which COVID-19 can be transmitted pre-symptomatically, any change of policy will take at least 3-5 days to have an effect on cases.

Coming tomorrow: an Unsolved Mystery! And pandemic updates still coming, every day until the pandemic ends or I do.

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