Daily COVID-19 data update L

Graphs day 50, pandemic day 56, day 127 since the first cases were diagnosed. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been making these graphs for 50 days. COVID-19 has reached the small island nations of Sao Tome e Principe and Comoros, off the coast of Africa. Worldwide, more than 3,600,000 have been diagnosed, and more than 250,000 have died.

The global pandemic continues to grow at a linear rate:

Here are today’s updated maps from Europe. It looks like South America would make some interesting maps also; I’ll see what I can make. Cases per million people by country:

and deaths per million people by country:

Comparing today’s maps to previous maps shows that while there are still new cases and deaths everywhere, the rate of new cases and deaths is slowing in many places. In particular, the rate has slowed greatly in two countries we have been tracking all along: France and Switzerland. I’ve looked to replace them with countries where the rate is still growing, and I chose Brazil and Saudi Arabia.

Today is an even-numbered day, so we get a plot with equivalent starting points. Day zero is the day on which the case rate reached one in 1,000,000 in each country. Brazil is orange and Saudi Arabia is red.

Today’s death rates:

Belgium is finally, mercifully, slowing down.

I’ll keep following these countries as long as they continue to be interesting, and I’ll occasionally check back on countries that I formerly tracked, like China, South Korea, Iceland, France, Switzerland, and Japan. And I’ll keep looking out for new places to track.

As always, you can get the data yourself from the European Centers for Disease Control’s Coronavirus Source Data; choose “all four metrics.” Here is my Excel template (version 3).

Update tomorrow-ish, and every day-ish after that until this pandemic is over.

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