Sexy 2023: Winning is SEXY!

The votes are in!

After 30 votes, unprecedented write-in votes because you begged me to consider honorable mention entries for the winnner – and the CLOSEST VOTE EVER – we have a winner in the Seventh Annual Best Sexy [Thing That Is Inherently Not Sexy] Halloween Costume Contest™!

In my succexy earlier post, I explained the purpose of the contest and reviewed the winners of previous contests. On Halloween Eve, I revealed this year’s record 42 nominees, sent in by you! From there, I chose 15 finalists and invited you to vote for your favorites.

Here are the results, including the write-in vote recipients, in order of increasing votes cultimating in our 2023 WINNER!

In a tie for sixth place, with zero votes:

Sexy Beekeper

Suggested by Margaret Kosmala and Erin Purcell

Sexy Non-Copyright-Infringing Cartoon Villain Assistant

Suggested by Aimee Shoff

Sexy Scooby-Doo

Suggested by Brandi Silver

In fifth place, with one vote each:

Sexy Donald Trump

Suggested by John London

Sexy Emu

Suggested by David Dudich

Sexy Goldfish (write-in vote!)

Suggested by Anna Routly and advocated by Sharon Kalter

Sexy Non-Copyright-Infringing Superhero Italian Plumber

Suggested by Andrew Rivera and Kim Nies

Sexy Pumpkin Man

Suggested by Mike Lowe

Sexy Ronald Dion DeSantis, the “Governor” of “Florida”

Suggested by Tim Christopher

Sexy Venus Flytrap

Suggested by Matt Brashears

Sexy Zoidberg (write-in vote!)

Sexy Halloween costume you say? WHY NOT ZOIDBERG?

Suggested by David Dudich and advocated by Nichole Benson Lorrius

Tied for fourth place with two votes each:

Sexy Flying Squirrel (write-in vote!)

Suggested by David Dudich and advocated by Sharon Kalter and Nichole Benson Lorrius

Sexy Skeletor

Suggested by Mary Jo Richards

Tied for third place with three votes each:

Sexy Piñata

Suggested by Kim Nies

Sexy Roach

Sexy Roach

Sexy Waldo

Suggested by Anna Routly

In second place, with four votes:

Sexy Snail

Suggested by Dave Fishman

….and your 2023 Best Sexy [Thing That Is Inherently Not Sexy] Halloween Costume Contest WINNER, with five votes:

Sexy Hamburglar

Suggested by Theresa Moody

Congratulations(?) to Sexy Hamburglar, and congratulations(?) to Theresa for the winning suggestion!

The pantheon now consists of: Sexy Orca, Sexy Scrabble, Sexy Green Poo, Sexy Marcel Duchamp Art Gallery Urinal, Sexy Mr. Rogers, Sexy Tardigrade, and now, SEXY HAMBURGLAR!

Thanks to everyone for playing, and I can’t wait for the 2024 contest!

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